Our Service

Our service:

  • We provide a convenient service for busy people
  • We respect our clients’ property as we do our own
  • We often give laundry items or loads special treatment when we see the need or when requested, at no additional cost to a client
  • When requested we will hang out sensitive items, at no additional cost
  • We often stay and process laundry beyond our normal trading hours to accommodate clients
  • We text our clients when their laundry is ready to be collected, thereby cutting out potentially unnecessary trips – thus doing the right thing for our clients and for the environment
  • We offer a special ‘commercial’ wash for commercial clients (tea towels, etc.), but we also offer this, often at normal wash price, to the general public

Our consumables:

  • We not only care for our clients’ laundry, we also care about the environment. The liquid detergent that we use is formulated for rest homes and hospitals, it contains a sanitising agent, is environmentally friendly and it comes at no additional cost to clients
  • Softener is always included at no additional cost
  • We use a range of specialist laundry treatment consumables for those really difficult to clean spots or items – mostly at no additional cost to clients

Our equipment:

  • We invest in additional equipment according to a strategic plan
  • We buy brand new, state of the art equipment
  • We maintain our equipment in a pristine state

A fully managed laundry service for Helping out busy people!